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1982 to 2012: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Initial experience involved maintenance and engineering functions, and the last 10 years involved performance improvement with 6 of the years being the Corrective Action Program Manager.


2013 to Present: WD Associates as a contractor/consultant supporting the conduct of cause analysis for more significant events/problems and overall Corrective Action Program improvement.


Education and Professional


BS degree in Engineering and Professional License


Summary of Contracting/Consulting


Results Team leader or mentor for Root Cause Evaluations that supported multiple stations in recovery following events of consequence and/or regulatory significance. Training and mentoring of station personnel in achieving efficiency in CAP processes and results, such as significantly reducing the time and personnel resources necessary to produce high quality cause evaluations and implement practical corrective actions in a timely manner.

Contact through WD office:

Jeanine Foster, Corporate Contracts Manager

WD Associates, Inc.

410-452-0055 Ext. 12

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