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President of WD Associates, Inc.

Mr. Lake started his career as an electrician in the Navy Nuclear Submarine service, then served as a staff instructor at a Navy Nuclear Prototype Training Facility. He joined the commercial nuclear industry in 1989 providing Emergency Preparedness training for the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station. He received a Senior Reactor Operator Certification at Nine Mile Point Unit 2, then joined the staff at the James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant. While at the Fitzpatrick plant, Mr. Lake worked as a System Engineer and as a Licensing Engineer.

Mr. Lake joined WD Associates in 1996 providing services for numerous clients, then taking positions of increasing responsibility within WD.  During this time, Mr. Lake developed a reputation for leading effective causal analyses and helping clients solve significant performance problems.

In 2008, Mr. Lake joined the Team at Palo Verde Nuclear Station to assist them in the recovery from significant performance issues leading to NRC Column 4 and 95003 Inspections. This role included management of CAP, causal analysis, and operating experience programs. These efforts helped move the station from NRC Reactor Oversight Program (ROP) Column 4 to Column 1, cleared a long-standing substantive cross-cutting issue in the area of Problem Identification and Resolution (PI&R), cleared an NRC Confirmatory Action Letter, and resolved INPO Areas for Improvement (AFI) in Causal Analysis and Operating Experience. Mr. Lake received the 2009 APS Chairman’s Award for leadership in clearing INPO AFI’s and helping the station to improve station performance. 

Mr. Lake returned to WD Associates in 2012 as the Vice President of Business Development. In this role he guided the expansion of WD’s recovery support business, causal analysis support, and led WD into new contract markets in the commercial nuclear industry. In 2013, Mr. Lake was promoted to President of WD Associates where he continues to work with clients and lead WD in performance improvement technologies.

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