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Co-Founder of WD Associates, Inc.

Mr. Duffy joined the commercial nuclear industry in 1983 working for General Physics. His initial assignment was at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in Engineering on the Critical Equipment Monitoring System project. From there he transferred to Training where he received an SRO certification from General Physics, passed an NRC administered SRO examination, developed Licensed Operator training material and taught Licensed Operator requalification training. He then transferred back to Operations Support where he participated in the system operating procedure up-grade project. In 1988, Mr. Duffy accepted an opportunity to transfer to Vermont Yankee where he worked for two years in the Operations Training area teaching initial licensed operator training and licensed operator requalification training.

In 1990, Mr. Duffy transferred back to Peach Bottom where he filled various positions and entered into his current area of expertise, cause analysis.
In 1993, with the encouragement of his boss, and soon to be partner, Mr. Duffy left General Physics and started WD Associates (WD) with Richard Watkins. WD had a slow beginning but was lucky enough to attract some of the best contracting management in the industry. In a short while, not only did WD have contracts with multiple utilities but was also the provider of choice for Philadelphia Electric’s nuclear division which led to additional work on the fossil side.

By 1997, Mr. Duffy accumulated considerable experience with cause analysis and developed a training program for EPRI which he conducted as far east as Philadelphia and as far west as Hawaii. Since that time, Mr. Duffy has continued to gain experience in cause analysis, project management, and organizational effectiveness, all while maintaining WD as a viable technical services company.
Mr. Duffy has a reputation in the commercial nuclear and fossil power industries for providing effective cause analysis training and assisting stations with preparations for NRC supplemental inspection procedures 95001, 95002, and 95003. In 2013, Mr. Duffy turned over day-to-day operations of WD Associates to Frederic Lake and continues to provide business development support and maintain active involvement with his clients.

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