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A graduate and manager of the Naval Nuclear Power Program, Mr. Latham has over forty years military and commercial management and executive experience providing services, products and consulting to a wide array of industrial clients.

Areas of expertise include technical operations, training, simulation, configuration management, performance metrics, Problem Identification & Resolution (PI&R), root cause analysis, assessment, due diligence, process re-engineering, business management, product development, marketing/sales, and international export & payment mechanisms.

Mr. Latham has successfully managed or directed service and product deliveries to multiple industries both domestically and internationally. In addition to many of the utility clients served today in Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro, and Renewables, Mr. Latham has previously supported clients including Boeing Aircraft, Eastman Chemical, Miller Brewing, Kellogg's, Westinghouse, the Federal Government, and the University of Cairo (Egypt), among others.

Recent activities have included Operational Assessments, Business Planning, Due Diligence, Power Plant Acquisition, Material Condition Assessments, Quality Assurance, Operational Readiness, Regulatory Compliance and Margin Recovery, and Operational Performance Improvement, including Human Performance, NRC Safety Culture, NERC Reliability, and Organizational Dynamics.

• Certified SRO Classroom and Simulator Operations Instructor

• Certified Root Cause Analyst


Competencies -

➢ Cost Avoidance Strategies

➢ Operations Process Development & Improvement

➢ Strategic Planning & Tactical Implementation

➢ Budget Development / P&L Accountability

➢ Building & Leveraging Organizational Relationships

➢ Business Development

➢ Problem Solving Analysis & Change Management

➢ Complex Program / Project Management

➢ Cross Functional Leadership Developing & Leading High Performing Teams


Achievements -

• Restructuring business procedures for sustainable operations

• Implementing process improvements to enhance productivity

• Developing and implementing strategies to positively transform performance

• Developing and implementing strategic plans to improve business operations

• Focusing on quality performance and cost to drive positive results

• Managing project financial controls to assure results

• Influencing stakeholders to mitigate and resolve regulatory issues

• Leveraging business opportunities for company growth and profitability

• Negotiating stakeholder interfaces to achieve buy-in

• Leading complex projects to successful completion

• Leading cross functional teams to transform operations

• Building high performing teams to resolve regulatory actions

Contact through WD office:

Jeanine Foster, Corporate Contracts Manager

WD Associates, Inc.

410-452-0055 Ext. 12

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