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What We Do

Our services include conducting and supporting cause analysis, mentoring problem solving teams and leaders, and providing reviews of in-process and completed cause analyses to ensure they meet industry best practices and have sufficient depth and actions to be effective.  We support our clients' goal of avoiding costly performance issues by helping them implement the necessary infrastructure and skills to find, prioritize, analyze, and fix problems in their organization before they lead to significant consequences. 

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Cause Analysis


Assessments / Inspection Support

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Performance Improvement Mentoring and Support

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Professional Staffing Services


Root Cause / Cause Analysis

WD Associates provides highly experienced industry personnel to perform Root Cause / Cause Analysis services for significant events that have occurred at your facility. In addition, WD performs independent reviews and provides oversight and mentoring of the development and implementation of effective actions at your facility to aid in ensuring performance problems and gaps are identified before they result in a loss of production, regulatory compliance issues or personnel injuries.


   Root Cause / Cause Analysis services include:

  •  Corrective Action Program (CAP) development and Implementation

  •  Root Cause Analysis Team support

  •  Independent Reviews of Cause Analysis

  •  Major equipment failures investigations

  •  Severe personnel injury/fatality investigations

  •  Training and Mentoring leaders in Performance Improvement and     CAP

Root Cause

Assessments / Inspection Support

WD Associates provides highly experienced industry personnel to assist clients in performing assessments/inspections at your facility; we also perform independent reviews of assessments/inspections as requested. In addition, WD develop assessment programs to enable clients in identifying performance gaps and operational vulnerabilities at your facility. 


   Assessments / Inspection Support services include:

  •  CAP Program Effectiveness Assessments

  •  Training Program Assessments

  •  Safety Program Assessments

  •  NRC IP 95001/95002/95003 Support

  •  NERC Assessment support

  •  NERC Cold Weather Assessments

  •  Vegetation management safety event analysis

  •  Plant Operational Performance & Material Condition Assessments


Performance Improvement Mentoring

and Support

WD Associates provides highly experienced personnel to help clients become more effective in solving problems ranging from targeting fixes for specific problems to overall integrated organizational improvements.

   Performance Improvement / Mentoring and Support services include:

  • Development and implementation of continuous improvement activities

  • Support for analysis and resolution of performance gaps

  • Performance Assessment Mentoring and Support

  • Analysis of Safety Culture issues

  • Organizational Effectiveness Assessments

Focused Office Workers

Professional Staffing Services

WD Associates provides custom employment solutions to fit your needs and budget. With each job description we leverage our network database to create an ideal candidate profile, so you only see people who match your requirements. WD Associates can fill staffing positions inside and outside the continental United States.


    Professional Staffing Services include the following positions:

  • Corrective Action Program/Performance Improvement Staff

  • Project Managers

  • Engineering Staff

  • Operations Support Staff

  • Managers / Supervisors for Maintenance

  • Managers / Supervisors for Security

  • Staff Instructors. In addition, exam developers are also available.

  • Procedure Writers

Pro Staffing
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