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Commercial Nuclear Industry experience from 1977 to present:

  • Director in Charge – Nuclear Support Services, Dominion Resources:  Responsible for Fleet Nuclear Training, Fleet Nuclear Protection Services and Emergency Preparedness (including security, access authorization, fitness for duty, and industrial safety), Nuclear Licensing & Operational Support, and Nuclear Fleet Outage Services.

  • Director – Nuclear Protection Services & Emergency Preparedness, Dominion Resources: Responsible for Fleet Nuclear Protection Services, including Security and Industrial Safety, Fleet Emergency Preparedness Programs, Fleet Nuclear Access Services and Fitness for Duty Program.  Instilled a continuous improvement culture resulting in the 4 Security and Emergency Preparedness NRC Performance Indicators improving from industry fourth quartile performance to top industry quartile across the fleet, and in some instances, top industry decile performance.

  • Director – Organizational Effectiveness, Kewaunee Power Station, Dominion Resources: Responsible for Corrective Action, Human Performance, Operating Experience, Self-Assessment, and Benchmarking Programs.  Drove a significant and sustained station cultural change and performance improvement during its recovery from an INPO Policy Note 14 plant, resulting in the closure of 2 NRC Substantive Cross-Cutting Issues in Problem Identification and Resolution (PI&R) and Human Performance (HU) within 1 year

  • Manager – Millstone 3 Corrective Actions, Millstone Power Station, Northeast Utilities: Responsible for Corrective Action Program, Self-Assessment Program Owner, and Root Cause Specialists.  Created and implemented the Corrective Action Program Improvement Plan in response to NRC 10CFR50.54 (f) letter, which facilitated the required culture change at Millstone necessary to allow restart of shutdown units.

  • Millstone 3 Senior Reactor Operator Management Certification

  • Qualified Root Cause Specialist


WD Associates Inc. from 2015 to present:

  • Senior Cause Analyst in support of Root and Apparent Cause Evaluations and the 95003 Recovery efforts at Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Station

  • Senior Cause Analyst in support of Root Cause Evaluations at Entergy’s Waterford 3 Nuclear Station

  • Team Lead for Pre-NRC PI&R Focused Self-Assessment at Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

  • Senior Cause Analyst in support of Cause Evaluations for Southern California Edison in the area of industrial safety events

Contact through WD office:

Jeanine Foster, Corporate Contracts Manager

WD Associates, Inc.

410-452-0055 Ext. 12

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