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The New Era of Root Cause Training

In-person training classes is one of the most effective ways to teach proven root cause analysis techniques and best practices. But that’s not easy in this time of social distancing and widespread work-from-home mandates. Now many organizations must learn how to effectively deliver critical training at a safe distance. WD Associates is no exception! We are rising to the challenge by offering our World-Class training classes 100% virtually!

Last month, we transformed our in-person training to a 100% virtual session using only videoconferencing technology. This new format allowed us to create an interactive, informative, and engaging training environment that the participants loved. Videoconferencing is an amazing technology for hosting virtual events! It allowed our team to create a very similar experience to what students encountered with onsite training. The agenda was packed with breakout sessions, active workshops, interviews, moderated sessions, panelists, and group collaboration. 

Our first virtual class showed us there are many perks with this type of teaching. Our participants had no travel cost all while being able to network with professionals from four other power plants. Here is some of the feedback we got from our participants -

“I liked the break out rooms and the fact that we could perform exercises in smaller groups”

“It was nice to have perspective from multiple plants and experience levels”

“Good opportunities for student engagement across the training. Instructors did a good job of facilitating participation”

Ready to attend our next online training? Contact today to schedule your next class!

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I’m well but a little bored. Miss my grandkids. We have a family vacation in So Carolina at end of a June, so am looking forward to that. On the positive side, my gardens look great. Miss all my WD chums, but am glad I’m retired.


01 jun. 2020

Hi Tony! How are you doing?

I did the training with students from Palo Verde, Callaway, Wolf Creek, and Diablo.


Who did your training

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